As you can see, our photography style respects and emphasis the true colors of Nature, the clothes you choose to were for your Bali photoshooting and your skin tone. Besides the best locations, we also suggest you the best moments for your Bali photoshoot. We love to work during the golden hours, which gives us the best results ! Those are at sunrise, from 5:30am to 7am and at sunset, from 5pm to 6:30pm, depending on the season.

The quality of the equipment we use allows us to edit the least. We love to keep our photos as natural as possible. We frame the landscapes around you as well as focusing on your family, couple or self portrait. You are free to choose your clothes, poses and locations as you like but if you are not inspired, we will be. We know what gives the best result and we can discuss before to advise you.

As per our experience, we recommend simplicity, not to ease everyone, but because photography and videography is often like a good dish, it doesn’t need to be sophisticated to be delicious but simply requires the qualitative ingredients, the right timing, the proper equipment and chef’s know-how.


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James & Kim


Anthony & Kendall


Patrick & Veronica


Borden & Yuuri

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Immanuel & Isabell

Pre Wedding

Hong Wei & Avelyn

Travel Photography

Nish & Priya



Toyoda Michael

Young man, Michael chose to study videography and graphic design as he knew what was his passion : sharing emotions through Art. During 5 interesting years spent working in the Hospitality Marketing field, he developped a taste for art and a desire to create and compose images and videos. He slowly fell in love with photography and studied hard until mastering it. In 2013, Michael ended his short career in Marketing to begin to do what he loves the most, photography and videography.

As Bali stands among the best destinations for couples and families to enjoy their honeymoon or holidays in outstanding landcapes, Micheal’s creativity and style made his success. In 2018, the agency could finally extend and offer its services to a wider range of clients.

I enjoy meeting people from all over the world, it opens my mind. I am greatful to them to chose Bali to have great experiences in family, couple or simply with friends. I always take the time to get to know them better in order to help them capture their memories in the most beautiful way possible. I launched myself as an independant photographer and videographer in Bali, my home island, starting with family photography in Bali with my own family and friends. I worked with several great Bali photographers who realize wedding and honeymoon photoshoots in Bali. I love taking people’s portrait and show feelings. I chose family and couple photography and videography because I love to capture emotions. Love and happiness combined to the beauty of Bali’s landscapes give outstanding results. Today I have the pleasure to developp my agency with a small team of great people ! We know many hotels, natural sceneries and wedding venues in Bali. We know what it takes to make a qualitative work to show the best of people, their feelings and the good moments they experience together. We do our best for the best results !

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